Nonprofit Insurance Services Now Offers Insurance for Home Health Agencies

Hanover, PA (PRWEB) October 28, 2014

Nonprofit Insurance Services continues to take great steps in offering accessible liability insurance for social service organizations. This new insurance program offers insurance for home health agencies that assist clients with activities of daily living in their home. Nonprofit Insurance Services has partnered with PCH Mutual Insurance Co., A RRG to offer insurance to these much needed agencies. You can request a quote by visiting or call 800-673-2558.

The mission of the program is to allow responsible home health agencys access to much needed liability insurance. By providing this home health insurance program, Nonprofit Insurance Services believes they will be able to help home health agencies help the aging senior population who want to remain in their comfortable and normal surroundings at home. We are excited for this new endeavor with PCH Mutual Brian Barrick, Founder of Nonprofit Insurance Services stated, and look forward to helping the home health care agencies serve our adult population.

PCH Mutual Insurance Co., A RRG currently offers coverage through Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC (PCALIC, LLC) to adult care homes. These adult care homes much like many home health agencies that provide assistance with daily living activities to residents that reside in these homes and have chosen to not stay in their own homes.

Nonprofit Insurance Services is located in Hanover, Pennsylvania and is a DBA of B.A. Barrick & Co., Inc. Nonprofit Insurance Services discovered the need for the home health agency insurance program while serving its target market, nonprofits and other social service organizations. The Home Health insurance team consists of members that love helping others, especially those that are doing selfless work like home health care agencies.

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Health Partners America Publishes New Whitepaper Understanding Special Enrollment Periods

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) October 24, 2014

Health Partners America, a company that provides training, tools, and technology solutions for insurance agents and employers who are navigating the health reform legislation, announces the release of its new white paper Understanding Special Enrollment Periods. This 14-page document was written to help health insurance agents advise clients who have a qualifying event.

With the upcoming open enrollment period in the individual marketplace, the timing of this paper may seem strange to some because they can purchase individual coverage with or without a life-changing event. However, even though the annual enrollment period starts November 15th, coverage wouldnt begin until January 1st at the earliest. Those who qualify for a special enrollment period, in contrast, may be able to get coverage right away.

Its important for people to know their options, explains Mel Blackwell, CEO at Health Partners America, and thats what this papers about the various choices an individual has if he or she loses coverage or has some other qualifying event. Its also important that employers are aware of their notification requirements.

To elaborate on Blackwells point, an employee who loses their job may now have four options available to them: 1) they could elect COBRA continuation coverage; 2) they could enroll in his/her spouses plan within 30 days because the job loss creates a HIPAA special enrollment period; 3) they could purchase short-term coverage for less money if they are healthy and only expect to be out of work for a short period of time; or 4) they could purchase coverage in the individual market within 60 days because the job loss creates an ACA special enrollment period.

The paper divides those who might qualify for a special enrollment period into two groups: previously uninsured and individuals losing coverage. While there could be some overlap in the qualifying events between the two groups, it is helpful to look at their options separately to help insurance agents and brokers identify families who might be eligible for coverage outside of the open enrollment window.

Theres a lot to learn, explains Blackwell, who points out that this is not meant as an exhaustive report but rather a helpful overview for brokers and their clients. There are so many questions, he says, that we just wanted to develop a resource that would help people understand both the options and the opportunities. Links to additional resources are also provided in the report.

Health Partners America is offering the full report at no cost through the companys website.

About Health Partners America

Since 2007, Health Partners America has been providing game-changing training and solutions to agents and brokers nationwide. HPA is a technology and consulting company that works with and through brokers in order to engage with the marketplace through healthcare reform. HPA Partners with agents and brokers nationally to bring them technology solutions, private exchange sites, marketing tools, training, and leverage to help them be more successful.


If youd like more information about this topic or about HPA, please contact Katie Burns at media(at)healthpartnersamerica(dot)com or visit

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STAR HEALTH INSURANCE TYPES AND REVIEW EXTRA TAG- lic of india insurance premium chartis insurance star health agent portal property & casualty property & casualty insura…
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We offer California Health Insurance Quotes on Anthem Blue Cross Best Affordable Low Cost California Health Insurance Online. http://www.HealthInsurance-Appl…

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Protecting Pets From Halloween Horrors

Brea, California (PRWEB) October 15, 2014

During the Halloween season, U.S. consumers spend $ 7 billion on Halloween candy, costumes and decorations, exposing pets to more toxins and hazards than any other time of the year. To help prepare for the imminent dangers that surround our pets during the scare season, Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI), the nations first and largest provider of pet health insurance, has released its Top Halloween Pet Dangers and Safety Tips.

Toxic Dangers

During the Halloween season, emergency calls to the Pet Poison Helpline increase 12% making October its busiest time of the year. VPI recently sorted through its database of more than 500,000 insured pets to determine the most common ingestion related claims in the month of October. Following are the top Halloween related claims and their average cost for treatment:

Ingestion of Costume Parts = $ 1,627

Raisin Toxicity = $ 565

Chocolate Toxicity = $ 356

Chewing Gum and Candy (Containing Xylitol) Toxicity = $ 330

Upset Stomach / Diarrhea = $ 203

If a pet consumes a toxic treat or a foreign body, he or she should be taken to a veterinary hospital immediately. In preparation, pet lovers should locate the nearest 24-hour emergency animal hospital prior to the night of Halloween or any other major event.

Running Away

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PSA: On Health Insurance


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Direct Car Insurance Quotes for State Minimum Coverage Now Offered by Zip Code Online

Portland, OR (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Reviewing the annual pricing for state minimum insurance protection will now be possible for consumers who access the portal at the Quotes Pros website. A new source of direct car insurance quotes is offered for review at

The zip system that has been enacted this year has been changed to include national agencies. The state company searches that were possible last year have been updated to include the price data supplied by national agencies. This provides a direct source of insurer cost details to the public.

“The state coverage that is available is not limited to only liability protection and other options do exist for review inside of our database,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The consumers who will use the public tool this year receive the option of reviewing prices for full coverage, SR22, broad form or collector policies. This process is expected to ease the frustrations of many car owners who are unable to connect with local companies in hopes of finding the right coverage at a more affordable price tag.

“The database we’re supplying offers unlimited search capability and car owners who use a zip code can search through a growing list of agencies,” the rep said.

The Quotes Pros company has adopted new technologies in order to supply access to its search tool in 2014. Thanks to the updated resources, men and women can now explore coverage packages for homeowner, renter, health or life insurance using the same system at


The company has remained a source for the public to utilize when shopping for insurance rates using the Internet. Several changes have been integrated into the company platform to make research really easy for the public. The company links agencies promoting various plans of coverage including applicable discounts to help the public compare cost data easier while rates shopping.

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WFAA-TX: ObamaCare Pushing Health Care Providers To Examine Patients’ Spending Habits, Credit Cards

WFAA-TX: ObamaCare Pushing Health Care Providers To Examine Patients’ Spending Habits, Credit Cards (June 27, 2014)
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The New Health Insurance Marketplace

The New Health Insurance Marketplace

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NextImage Medical/WorkWell Announces Mary Jane DeMille As New Chief Operating Officer

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2014

DeMille joins NextImage/WorkWell from Occupational Orthopedic Medical Group (OOMG) where she served as the Senior Vice President of Operations and Network Development and established the first statewide orthopedic network in Workers’ Compensation as well as the associated call center. Previously, at US HealthWorks, she was Vice President Western Region and formerly acted as Director of FHP/ Great States Health Care Organization.

NextImage/WorkWells Chairman and CEO, Liz Griggs says, I am very pleased to welcome Mary Jane to the our team. Her experience and reputation within the Workers Comp industry will help NextImage articulate our enthusiasm and dedication to bringing quality products to our clients. I am confident that the addition of Mary Jane will help us achieve greater heights.

To that end, DeMille continued, I believe that my experience on the insurance carrier, employer and provider sides will help further NextImages mission to bring a more outcomes-focused, quality product line to the Workers Compensation industry. I am thrilled to be a part of the NextImage/WorkWell team as we unveil our new and more successful approach to Physical Therapy Networks this fall. “

About NextImage Medical:

NextImage Medical provides Workers Compensation payers including insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured employers with the highest quality, fastest, and most technologically advanced solutions to manage Workers Compensation costs. NextImage Medical has developed the industrys leading scheduling platform known as the NextImage Grid which has the ability to expertly capture, transport, and store radiology studies and reports. NextImage Medical and our radiology partners are committed to lowering the cost of radiology services through the entire continuum of care. We believe that our cooperative model of working with patients, payers and providers is the answer to the healthcare industrys demand for high-quality, low-cost imaging.

About WorkWell:

Musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses decrease workforce health status and account for more healthcare spending than any other single health condition. Musculoskeletal injuries are the largest single category of workplace injury and significantly contribute to the imbalance between hours paid and hours actually worked resulting in a significant decrease in workforce productivity. WorkWells suite of services focuses exclusively on musculoskeletal wellness and augments existing wellness programs, safety initiatives, medical services and offers customized off-site and on-site solutions. WorkWell offers an integrated suite of musculoskeletal wellness services that increases workforce availability by reducing musculoskeletal injury and illness frequency and severity. For more information, please visit

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